Welcome to Prisma Group

Prisma Group is a Germany-based communications agency that works exclusively with The SPIEGEL GROUP. We specialise in compiling special advertising sections that focus on socioeconomic, investment, and business opportunities of the countries we analyse.

    • In the 21st century, communication is everything. Increased globalisation intensifies our need to tell each other who we are. Prisma Group gives companies the opportunity to tell the world about themselves.

    • Our country sections are published in DER SPIEGEL, Germany’s leading news magazine with more than 6 million readers every week and in MANAGER MAGAZIN the monthly decision-maker magazin for senior executives in German companies.

    • Prisma Group provides the opportunity for direct communication with decision-makers of the German-speaking market.

Der Spiegel

Founded in 1947, DER SPIEGEL (German for "The Mirror) is Germany’s leading news magazine and the largest in Europe. The magazine is published in Hamburg every Saturday and distributed in 172 countries.

DER SPIEGEL is justifiably synonymous with investigative journalism in Germany. The way in which content is researched and readers are informed, clearly differentiate the magazine from all others in Germany. DER SPIEGEL is characterised by in-depth information, professional research and reliable quality. The main focus of the editorial content is on events in the political and social sphere.

Spiegel readers....

  • ... are well educated : 44% have A-levels
  • ... are successful professionals: 38% work in top positions
  • Coverage: 6.16 m. i.e. 9.5%
  • Average reading per an issue: 2.5 hours and more
  • Circulation: 1,046,090 copies

manager magazin

manager magazin is the monthly decision-maker magazin for senior executives in German companies. The most important news, data and background information from all areas of business are analysed and documented in depth, with exclusive company reports from the top echelons forming one of the magazin‘s core elements. Reporting does focus on sound analyses and well-researched background features from all corporate and economic areas.

Manager magazines readers are highly educated, with high income and belong to the top decision-makers in Germany At work, they make decisions involving millions and as private individuals their high income means they are top consumers with an exclusive taste.

At a glance: ....

  • Sold circulation: 128,822 copies
  • Coverage: 688,000 readers per issue
  • Average reading per an issue: 2 hours and more


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